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Messages from Honolulu University

Founder and President messages from Honolulu University!

Welcome to Honolulu University! Ours is a learner-centered institution, which means that you and your needs come first. Our commitment is to excellence in the field of progressive education, which emphasizes the specific needs of the learner.

At Honolulu University, we believe in life-long education and that all people deserve college credit for what they know, no matter where they learned it. Therefore, we strive to expand educational opportunities for those who have completed secondary education as well as for those who desire to translate life and work experience into college credits.

We are committed to providing you with an effective study program, individually designed to enhance your personal performance and competency to allow you to achieve your personal and professional goals. To make sure that our innovative, quality programs are relevant to the realities of the world today and to your dreams and goals, we invite you, the learner, to actively participate in designing your individual program.

Mature, self-motivated learners in every part of the United States and in many other nations are enrolled at Honolulu University. Our goal is to help foster the oneness of our world community through education. We are all brothers and sisters trying to learn new strategies for living in a rapidly changing, technological age.

We welcome you to the international family of Honolulu University.

Warren Walker, Ph.D.
Founder, Honolulu University

August 18, 1945- February 10, 2018

The objective of Honolulu University is to provide each and every person with the knowledge and resources that they need to enhance their lives, careers, families, communities and nation.

Honolulu University is committed to focusing on the needs of every individual. Many people are unable to attend traditional universities or colleges because of jobs and family commitments. We believe that knowledge does not have to be learned in a traditional classroom. Knowledge is what you gain when you have the desire and drive to learn, incorporated with self-study and discipline. We believe that education should be offered to everyone.

We view learning as a lifelong experience not confined to classrooms and laboratories.

In this age and time, technological advances are progressing because of human lifestyle changes and needs. The Internet, which helps link people together from around the world, is a technological advance that we use to communicate with our many students around the world. All our students are given the freedom to study and work on their degree at their own pace while communicating with us via the Internet. Our innovative independent study programs allow learners to achieve their educational objectives rapidly at their convenience, confident that the information they are mastering is up to date and relevant to the realities of the world today.

Knowledge is the key to success. Join us and let us help guide you on your road to success.

Arthur O. Yamada, Ph.D.
President, Honolulu University