Benefits of Distance learning at Honolulu University

A Meaningful Higher Education Alternative for the Mature Learner

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Benefits of Distance Learning

Honolulu University offers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees and offers educational credit for career and life learning experiences. This allows the mature learner to control his/her own rate of learning at an affordable cost without any classroom attendance.

Learn the benefits of a distance learning education from Honolulu University!

Honolulu University is an institution of higher learning that offers, to the citizens of all lands, the opportunities of global distance learning.

With the explosion of modern technology, today's work market is requiring ever-higher levels of skill. Old skills often become obsolete within a matter of months. Continuing education is rapidly becoming a life-long requirement in many career fields. Those who do not undertake continuing education are often left behind on the promotion ladder as younger, better-educated employees pass them up.

Those entering careers find a college diploma from a higher learning institution is the first requirement without which they will not even be considered. With the increasing demands made by job, family, and civic responsibilities, few adults can find the time for regular on-campus attendance. Further, tuition costs have risen so high that few can afford them without government grants or going into debt. Traditional education increasingly confronts mid-career adults with the dilemma of choosing between family, career, and school. Honolulu University makes it possible for students to acquire needed knowledge without sacrificing family or career success.

At Honolulu University, we recognize that traditional college classroom instruction may not meet the unique needs of the mature learner. Time and scheduling requirements, inflexible academic requirements and unrealistically high tuition costs are problems that Honolulu University can solve.

Honolulu University maintains a high quality of education that matches, or exceeds, what can be accomplished in the traditional classroom. In fact, a mature mid-career professional can often achieve a higher quality of academic work due to the one-to-one relationship with a highly qualified and experienced mentor than is possible in the classroom where an instructor's efforts must be directed toward many students of varying levels of ability.

Still wondering if Distance Learning is for you?

  • Students may complete all course work through off-campus study.
  • Credit is considered for approval from curriculum-related work, service schools, workshops, seminars, independent studies, on the job training and military training.
  • Individualized curriculum is tailored to meet the interests, needs, and requirements of each student. Coursework is completed on a schedule tailored for you.
  • You are assigned a Mentor to guide you towards your goals. You can meet your Mentor online, in person, or via telephone.
  • This program offers you an opportunity to complete a university degree and receive many benefits, including better professional status, increased opportunity for career advancement and increased income potential. It allows you the opportunity to pursue studies for a degree without being "tied down" to in-person classes campus classes. You can live anywhere and move anytime without interrupting your education or transferring to another university.
  • Honolulu University offers Degree Programs in Religious Studies with emphasis in Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Missions, Evangelism, and other Ministries. These programs are available in Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate with many texts and publishers to choose from. You can study within your own doctrine. Our Biblical Mentors have decades of experience and are dedicated to helping prepare ministers for the church.