Overview of Honolulu University

A Meaningful Higher Education Alternative for the Mature Learner

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Overview of Honolulu University

Honolulu University offers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees and offers educational credit for career and life learning experiences. This allows the mature learner to control his/her own rate of learning at an affordable cost without any classroom attendance.

Learn your degree from anywhere around the globe from Honolulu University!

Honolulu University is an institution of higher learning that offers, to the citizens of all lands, the opportunities of global distance learning.

Honolulu University offers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees via online instruction in many fields including Business, Information Technology, Music, Psychology, Theater Arts and Theology, in a convenient and affordable manner that easily integrates with a student's job, family and/or community commitments.

Honolulu University's educational programs are available to all students who meet the minimum educational requirements of having an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or equivalent (60 credits minimum).

Honolulu University recognizes, and advocates for, the right of its students and faculty to pursue their reOfficers & Advisory, to teach and to publish without any controls or restraints from the Honolulu University Board or Administration.


Honolulu University Overview of distance learning and independent study

Honolulu University offers alternative independent study paths leading to academic degrees. Its programs are designed primarily for career professionals and other self-educated learners whose work and life experiences have given them knowledge and skills ordinarily taught in college degree programs.

We at Honolulu University recognize that the educational needs of mid-career professionals and other mature learners are different from those of adolescents and young adults who are still preparing for careers and family and civic responsibilities.

Mature learners are more often seeking advancement in careers for which they are already trained and credentialed, or seeking to improve the quality of their lives through career changes or new uses of leisure time provided by retirement. As a result, they possess a wealth of knowledge and skills at the time of enrollment, which young learners usually lack. Most of these knowledge and skills have been acquired outside the classroom and has never been educationally credited or credentialed.

Honolulu University evaluates all prior learning and, where it can be satisfactorily documented or tested, grants you credit for it. This means that each learner enters the degree path at a point appropriate to his or her level of educational attainment. Further since the career and family responsibilities of mature learners are often incompatible with intensive on-campus classroom attendance, Honolulu University utilizes modern methods of distance learning to take education to the learner rather than requiring the learner to make on-campus attendance the center of his or her life.

Busy adults can complete their remaining degree requirements through independent study at home or on the job at times, and on a flexible schedule. You select this rather than being required to meet rigid class schedules and instructors’ pre-determined office hours.

Honolulu University makes full use of modern communication technologies such as smartphones, voicemail, FAX, email and the Internet to bring quality education to its students under the mentoring of highly qualified professional educators and to facilitate student-mentor interaction.

In eliminating traditional campus and classroom facilities, Honolulu University is able to pass on tremendous savings on tuition costs to its students. In giving them credit for prior un-credited learning, Honolulu University also passes along tremendous savings in instructional time. In this way, the busy adult can earn a needed college degree, representing quality education at an exceptionally low cost and in a much shorter time than would normally be required, for the corresponding degree earned through traditional on-campus study.