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Distance Learning

Honolulu University’s academic programs are designed to serve persons in mid-career and mid-life whose work or family responsibilities, geographic isolation or personal preferences create needs best met by an external degree program - they complete their studies where they live and work. Most importantly, learners are able to maintain their jobs while they complete individually contracted study plans that serve their personal and career goals.

Degrees are attained through external programs that build upon life experiences. The individual pace of the learner determines the time required to complete a program of study. Individual students are guided through their studies by faculty advisors and mentors who possess advanced career experience.


Honolulu University offers alternative independent study paths leading to academic degrees. Its programs are designed primarily for career professionals and other self-educated learners whose work and life experiences have given them knowledge and skills ordinarily taught in college degree programs.

We at Honolulu University recognize that the educational needs of mid-career professionals and other mature learners are different from those of adolescents and young adults who are still preparing for careers and family and civic responsibilities.