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Theater (THE)

Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts: Theater

Admission to the Program

Requires some previous theater experience. (AA degree or equivalent)

University Requirements

A Total of 120 semester hours (Students may take examinations or secure a portfolio evaluation of experience to meet degree requirements)

Major Requirements

A total of at least thirty-one semester hours with grades of C or better. Participation in one theater program production as an actor, producer or stage manager before graduation.


Students may spend 2 months of internship with a theater company in their local city or country. This internship, when properly documented, can replace ‘10 page’ paper required in each course. Students must see 10 plays during the degree program and write 1 page based on the respective area of study. The plays may be seen on TV, in movie theaters or live.

THE 402 Acting I (3)
THE 403 Acting II (3)
THE 405 The Psychology of Theater (3)
THE 406 Acting as a Profession (3)
THE 407 History of Theater (3)
THE 408 Playing a Role (3)
THE 409 Public Relations for the Theater (3)
THE 410 Introduction to Theater (3)
THE 412 Directing I (3)
THE 413 Directing II (3)
THE 418 Theater Business (3)
THE 423 Theater Appreciation (3)
THE 441 Makeup for the Theater (3)
THE 443 Costume Design (3)
THE 444 Scenic Design (3)
THE 445 Stagecraft (3)
THE 454 Play Production (3)
THE 458 Capstone: Optional (50 pages) (6)


THE 400 Playwriting (3)
THE 411 Music for the Theater (3)
THE 442 Dance for the Theater (3)
THE 456 Theater Lab (3)

Students may substitute any two electives for any two core courses

Master of Arts in Performing Arts: Theater

Admission to the Program

Requires a Bachelor’s degree (with eight to ten courses in undergraduate dance, theater or music, half of which must be in theater) or its equivalent. Equivalent training is understood to be four to six years of experience in a professional company or organization.

Students entering the program with this background will be asked for an interview at which time any deficiencies will be determined. Two letters of recommendations are required. Provisional admission may be granted and is removed at the completion of twelve semester hours of work in the department with a grade-point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale.

Degree and Major Requirements

A total of thirty-six semester hours of approved graduate work. Students are urged to structure their degree programs so as to develop individual talent and may do so in close counsel with an advisor. Participation in some aspect of performance, production or management is the practicum/research requirement for each course.

Thesis option: Master’s Thesis Seminar and Thesis/Thesis Practicum

Core courses:

THE 590 Business & The Performing Arts (3)
THE 591 Entertainment, Law & Contracts (3)
THE 586 Dance- A Performing Art (elective) (3)
THE 570 Advanced Playwriting (elective) (3)
THE 503 Advanced Acting (3)
THE 581 Advanced Directing (3)
THE 582 The Professional Theater (elective) (3)
THE 524 Poetry-Writing (elective) (3)
THE 525 Art Discussion (3)
THE 526 Poetry in Drama (elective) (3)
THE 540 Music for Theater & Film (3)
THE 586 The Stage: An Instrument of Teaching (3)
THE 583 Stage Design (3)
THE 594 Costume Design (elective) (3)
THE 588 World Cultures & Theater History (3)
THE 595 Psychology of Languages & the Arts (elective) (3)
THE 592 Producing for Stage, Television & Film (3)
THE 596 Play Production (elective) (3)
THE 597 Thesis Research-50-100 pages (6)

Students may substitute any three elective courses for any three core courses.