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Religion (REL)

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Prerequisite: Introduction to Religious Studies (or its equivalent); World Religions.

Core Courses:

REL 410 Literature and Religion of the Bible (3)
PHIL 410 Philosophy of Religion (3)
REL 430 Comparative Religious Ethics (3)
REL 440 Christianity: Ancient and Medieval (3)
REL 445 Christianity: Reformation to the Nineteenth Century (3)
REL 450 Contemporary Religious Thought in Christianity (3)

Major: in addition to the core courses learners must take 6 additional courses, choosing 3 from each of the following groups.

Group A

REL 415 Religion and Society (3)
REL 422 Survey of Aboriginal and Folk Religion (3)
REL 425 Ethical Issues and the Law (3)
REL 452 Buddhism (3)
REL 455 Hinduism (3)

Group B
REL 428 Interpretation of the Bible (3)
REL 431 American Sects and Cults (3)
REL 435 History of Christianity (3)
REL 460 Judaism (3)
REL 470 Islam (3)

Master of Arts in Religion

Learners must develop a coherent program of courses that includes these core courses and another 3 electives from the other graduate course offerings in religion or cognate fields. In addition, they must complete a satisfactory thesis or portfolio of competence in the area of emphasis.

Core courses:

PHIL 515 Language and Logic (3)
REL 500 History of Biblical Scholarship (3)
REL 510 Historical Backgrounds of the Old and New Testaments (3)
REL 525 Archaeology of the Bible (3)
REL 530 Church Doctrine from Apostolic to Contemporary Times (3)
REL 540 Contemporary Issues in Interfaith and Ecumenical Movements (3)
REL 542 Sociology of Religion (3)

Doctor of Philosophy in Religion

Candidates for the doctoral degree in religion will develop a program of study, in consultation with their advisor, consisting of 30 units of coursework from graduate courses in Religion offered by Honolulu University. Each candidate is required to submit a dissertation or portfolio of competence consisting of original research or a conceptual treatment of a career emphasis showing his/her professional mastery of that field.

Core courses:

REL 555 Critical Issues in Contemporary Theology (3)
REL 560 Survey of Textual and Form Criticism of the Bible (3)
PHIL 540 Methods of Inquiry (3)
PHIL 570 Philosophy and the Cosmos (3)
REL 608 Hermeneutics (3)
REL 650 Religion and Social Reform (3)
REL 675 Religion and the Modern World (3)