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Computer Science (CSC)

The computer science degree program is designed to provide a blend of theory and practice in traditional and modern areas of computer science. The program allows students to combine a self-paced study of courses in computer programming, computer networks, system administration, and databases with courses in business, science, and engineering.

Supervised independent study prepares students for careers in computing by providing a thorough foundation of current computer technologies and applications. By selection of electives, students can tailor the program to match their special interests. These concentrations combine computer science with many areas of business, science, and engineering to provide excellent backgrounds for the effective use of computers to solve scientific, and business related problems.

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Prerequisite: Principles of Economics, Elementary Accounting, Introduction to the Computer.
Core Courses:

CSC 103 Introduction to Computer Programming (3)
CSC 105 Programming Data Structures and Algorithms (3)
CSC 110 Machine Structures (3)
CSC 112 Operating Systems (3)
CSC 121 Introduction to System Administration (3)
CSC 123 Introduction to System Performance and Analysis (3)
CSC 230 Introduction to Database Systems (3)
CSC 241 Introduction to Distributed Systems (3)
CSC 243 Computer Networks (3)

Computer Science Option Electives: 3 required

CSC 107 Programming Languages and Compilers (3)
CSC 114 Productive use of the UNIX Environment (3)
CSC 232 Implementation of Database Systems (3)
CSC 250 Social and Economic Implications of Computer Technology (3)
CSC 252 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design (3)
CSC 254 Internet Technologies (3)

Master of Science in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program consists of 36 units. It is designed to complement the fundamentals of the Bachelor of Science program and to advance the working knowledge of computer science professionals. A custom program of nine courses or 36 units will be tailored for each individual from the following courses based on his or her experience.

Graduate Computer Science Studies:

CSC 501 Advanced UNIX Utilities and Shell Programming (4)
CSC 503 Programming in Java (4)
CSC 505 Principles of Software Engineering using C (4)
CSC 511 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (4)
CSC 513 Computer Applications in Medicine (4)
CSC 515 Parallel Computer Architectures (4)
CSC 517 Client/Server Architectures (4)
CSC 525 UNIX Security for System Administrators (4)
CSC 527 Principles, Protocols and Architectures of TCP/IP (4)
CSC 529 The Network File System & Network Information Service (4)
CSC 535 Distributed Database Systems (4)
CSC 537 Database Tuning & Performance (4)
CSC 543 Network Technologies and Architectures (4)
CSC 545 High-Speed Networks (4)
CSC 547 Network Management Concepts (4)
CSC 549 Network Security (4)

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

Doctoral candidates will choose a program of specialized study of at least 24 graduate units. Each doctoral candidate for the Ph.D. in Computer Science will submit a dissertation or portfolio of competence showing his or her professional mastery of that subject area.