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Business Administration (BUS)

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Prerequisite: Principles of Economics, Elementary Accounting, Introduction to the Computer.
Core Courses:

BUS 401 Business Finance (3)
BUS 402 Principles of Management (3)
BUS 403 Principles of Marketing (3)
BUS 405 Statistical Methods in Business and Economics (3)
BUS 406 Business Law (3)
BUS 407 Organizational Behavior (3)
BUS 408 Business, Government and Society (3)
BUS 409 Personnel Management (3)

Accounting Option: 15 units

ACC 404 Intermediate Accounting I (3)
ACC 405 Intermediate Accounting II (3)
ACC 413 Budgeting & Forecasting (3)
ACC 444 Problems in Taxation (3)
ACC 447 Cost Accounting (3)
ACC 448 Auditing I (3)
CSC 430 Management Information Systems I (3)

Business Administration Option: 15 units

BUS 400 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (3)
ACC 404 Intermediate Accounting I (3)
BUS 418 Introduction to Production Operations (3)
BUS 420 Industrial Relations (3)
BUS 430 Multinational Business (3)
BUS 440 Communication for Managers (3)
CSC 470 Data Communications (3)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA program consists of 36 units. A core of 24 units is required.

BUS 504 Human Behavior in Organizations (3)
BUS 505 Legal and Regulatory Issues in Management (3)
BUS 508 Management Finance (3)
BUS 510 Organization and Management Theory (3)
BUS 512 Management Information Systems and Systems Management (3)
BUS 515 Ethics and Social Issues (3)
BUS 522 Business Strategy and Policy (3)
BUS 540 Personnel Development (3)

Doctor of Philosophy in Business

The Doctor of Philosophy program in Business prepares the individual to assume increased managerial responsibility, acquire advanced knowledge for the teaching of business subjects and to undertake business research at the university level.

The program should help the mature learner to develop the most advanced techniques of decision making and to learn the necessary research skills that accompany high-level responsibility.

Core courses:

BUS 506 Statistics and Research Method (3)
BUS 558 Business and Society (3)
BUS 601 Advanced Personnel Management (3)
BUS 605 Advanced Economic Analysis (3)
BUS 610 Institutional Finance (3)
BUS 622 Advanced Managerial Economics (3)
BUS 645 Contemporary Marketing Management (3)

Doctoral candidates will choose an emphasis for specialized study and will design a coherent program of at least 24 graduate units in Business, with at least two cognate courses from another field, such as Psychology. Each doctoral candidate for the Ph.D. in Business will submit a dissertation or portfolio of competence consisting of original research or will develop a conceptual treatment of a career emphasis within Business showing his/her professional mastery of that field.