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Study Requirements

At Honolulu University, we believe that a liberal education must include a broad range of courses that prepare learners with knowledge in the arts and sciences, and at the same time, lay the groundwork for more advanced and specialized education.

Learn your degree from anywhere around the globe from Honolulu University!

Honolulu University is an institution of higher learning that offers, to the citizens of all lands, the opportunities of global distance learning.

Since most Honolulu University learners already have had some basic education before they enter the University, we do not generally offer lower division courses, including general studies courses. Learners are expected to fulfill general studies requirements through prior educational experiences and through life/work experiences equivalent to college level courses.

In the event an incoming learner is lacking some of the general studies requirements, the Faculty Advisor and the learner will work out a study plan that obtains provisions for making up the deficiencies.

Honolulu University recognizes, and advocates for, the right of its students and faculty to pursue their reOfficers & Advisory, to teach and to publish without any controls or restraints from the Honolulu University Board or Administration.